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Sep 30, 2021
Quit my job

Quit my job

Sometimes it is simply time to go. Throwing yourself into your job is always a gamble. If you give everything you can, the potential for reward (inner purpose, not money) is huge. You can be part of forming something bigger than yourself, blazing a trail which others will eventually follow and end up with your dream job that you partly made happen. In the end however, companies have all sorts of external and internal pressures that push them in a certain direction and if you recognise that direction isn't for you then it is perhaps the right call to accept that and leave room for people who might be more able to get onboard with that direction.

Nonetheless it was an awesome, tiring, challenging, hilarious experience where I learned and benefited from the awesome teams we built as much as I hoped they got from me as Head of Engineering.

Things I am most proud of

  • The people - when I joined as Interim CTO we were a dozen or so people with only a few internal engineers. Over the last 18 months I sourced, hired and grew 5 engineering teams with 20+ engineers. Not only were they all very talented they were all truly awesome people which was a criteria we held above all else.

  • The platform - my hands on tech contribution was building our app development platform using advanced Kubernetes techniques to ensure every dev could iterate on their apps securely without restrictions. It truly felt like the last 5+ years of building products in the cloud culminated to our work here. In the end, any engineer could deploy an app from Github with around 10 lines of config.

  • The engineering culture - Building medically certified apps is not exactly "fun". There are a tonne of regulations, rules, stakeholders etc. on top of the usual challenges of startups (low budgets, mixed experience levels etc.) Thanks to the people however we held onto a problem-solving, knowledge sharing culture so that the unknown never felt unachievable.
Head of Engineering, Temedica
Nov 29, 2021
Future of Work
Future of work is remote, it's not even hybrid!
Started 4 months ago
Working on Workplace Happiness
Best Workplaces
Currently preparing a Happiness in the Workplace program, for Sintegra Group. 
Super excited. I might run some ideas by you so stay tuned! 🤩
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In July 2020 in the thick of the pandemic of our lifetimes, I was on Twitter on a Saturday morning and noticed a new like from someone I didn't know. That was Nash, the Founder, and CEO of Undock and within weeks I joined forces with him and David as the Co-founder and CMO of Undock.

At Undock we're building a new paradigm for how people invest their time with our calendar network that helps you to schedule, host, and document your meetings and ultimately connect you to the people you meet with most without ever having to think about scheduling time together, ever again.

Join me on Undock today, it's completely free and the most powerful way to find mutual availability with your inner circle. 
Co-Founder, CMO, Undock
Aug 05, 2021
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Future of Work
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Ideas are good. Action is better.

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Future of Work
The great resignation wave is already happening. It's time for companies to engage in meaningful conversations more than ever. Stop relying on your HR toolboxes. Talk to your people.

Have a listen: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3ct1jg1