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Apr 01, 2021
Designed a Board Game
Redesigned a Product
Released Wilderness Dice with the stand-alone expansions; Exotic, Ancient, and Domestic. Plus product design for the Extra Dice set and online marketing.
Jul 25, 2021
Designed a Board Game
Redesigned a Product
Released Art Major, 3rd Edition with all new artwork and refined rules.
Oct 01, 2021
Designed a Board Game
Released an expansion for Stellar Empire: Skirmish -> Stellar Empire: First Contact.
Oct 08, 2021
Designed a Card Game
Launched Landing Party for sale. Designed and developed Landing Party, including package design and product development.
Sep 21, 2021
Designed a Tabletop Roleplaying Game
Launched my first on Flatline Heist, a minimalistic role-playing game for a game director and between 1 and 4 players inspired by Ghost/Echo, Uncanny Echo and Honey Heist, designed to be played in a single session. 

In the basement of a hospital, a group of criminals voluntarily enter an induced coma. Together, they will pull off the heist of their lives in the dangerous but promising astral plane. But it won't be easy; they must guard the integrity of their silver cords. If these get too strong, they may awaken prematurely. If they fade away, they will die and become astral specters.