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Launched a game
Virtual Reality
Launched Nature Treks: Together on Steam Early Access,  a multiplayer VR sensory experience, as part of the Greener Games team, my most ambitious collaboration to date. What a ride <3
Aug 13, 2018
Built a game
Participated in a game jam
I tried out something new and participated in my first game jam with js13k games. The challenge of the jam is to build a browser-based game in under 13k!

"Offline O.E.C.T" is a Lode Runner style 2D puzzle platformer. I created a tile-based level and leveraging graph-building and Djikstra’s algorithm for enemy AI.
Jan 12, 2022
Game on Blockchain

Hi Everyone,
Today I created a Roulette Game on Solana Labs #blockchain Solana.

Game Description =>
1. Put stake in the form of SOL.
2. Choose the ratio.
3. Pay the playing fee.
4. Choose a random number between 1 to 5.
5. If won, the Price will be paid by in the multiples of ratio.
If lost, Better Luck Next Time.

It is among the Quest Challenge by Questbook by CreatorOS (YC W21) and Superteam.

Great practising challenges for the beginners and winning #nft as rewards makes it more exciting.

Link to the repo=>
Jan 11, 2022
Built a game
Building one classic game every week (at least until I run out of ideas or I am just tired). Why? because I want to improve on my game dev skills. I completed the core structure for the classic game "Snake". I will spend the rest of the week adding effects, sound, and animations.
Jan 04, 2019
Finished playing a game
Using Unity2D

Complete Gris game

Released on December 13, 2018, for Nintendo Switch and PC, it is an independent game that speaks with metaphors and depth around feelings of loss, loneliness, sadness and the recovery of moving forward amidst a whirlwind of feelings in ruins that can haunt our minds in difficult times.

With an impeccable soundtrack and watercolors by Conrad Roset, an artist I've admired for a long time, that make the experience of each stage even more deeply. Developed by spanish developer Nomada Studio with Unity engine and published by Devolver Digital.
Mar 12, 2021
Using Unity2D
Using Unity3D
I started to learning Unity principles 🎮