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Sep 17, 2021
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Made a JAMstack project
Using Tailwind CSS
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I made my own Markdown SvelteKit Blog Template

Write your blog posts how they're meant to be, in glorious Markdown!

spences10/sveltekit-mdsvex-starter-blog: A Markdown blog built with SvelteKit, MDSveX, Tailwind CSS and DaisyUI (
Wrote Code in Julia
Wrote a Sudoku Solver
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Wrote a program in Julia that uses group theory to quickly generate Sudoku puzzles and graph theory to solve them.
Sep 06, 2021
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Created a WordPress plugin
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Woew! Another starter plugin.

WASP is a starter plugin that make easier the WordPress development
Jul 06, 2021
Built a web application
Learning statistics
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As homework project for Statistics course, I built an interactive dashboard for analyzing data on high school enrolment in Serbia which using R's shiny framework and a PostgreSQL database. It can plot arbitrary combination of data as scatter or bar plots, perform and illustrate a Kolmogorov-Smirnov or Wilcoxon's test and do and visualize a simple linear regression. I had a friend help me out with deployment on AWS and setting up a dedicated domain.

After getting top marks for the homework, I set out to build a full-fledged dashboard for that data using best engineering practices for large-scale shiny apps, but I didn't get the time to commit to it seriously. You can track my progress (or lack of it) here.
Dec 12, 2020
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Built a web application
I dig this Kotlin thing, so I figured I might make something else fun with it. This time, it's a web app which aims to reduce video size by transcoding it to a newer codec and apply some space-saving optimizations. To speed things up, it can use a distributed work queue to process multiple videos on different machines.

Overall, beside tech being cool, I also enjoyed designing and implementing distributed logic for this project. You can find a single instance live at
Oct 01, 2020
Built a web application
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Deployed a Backend System
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Built a simple inventory management web app for a local hospital lab. This was also a chance to practice my Kotlin and try it out in combination with Spring Boot.

In theory, straightforward. In practice, there's n+1 (non-obvious) requirements to comply with and as many awkward use cases. Deployment of Kotlin/Java 11 web app and PostgreSQL database to an underpowered outdated Windows PC was also a hell in itself fun.