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Oct 18, 2021
Working with IoT
Presented a business case
What might be a Business Case for tracking chairs inside large indoor facilities?

When people can freely arrange chairs, they tend to change their location quite often and create different constellations.

I can imagine an IoT system that tracks if a chair is occupied and where it is located. This data can be combined with a Management System that keeps scheduled events, day of the week, local time etc.

Let's say a huge indoor playroom for kids (this location inspired me to write this post). What kind of Business Case can you imagine?

This purely hypothetical example shows once again that technology (hardware and software) is already available - the Business Case is what needs to be invented.

Any ideas are very welcome! Feel free to be as creative as you can :)
Led a marketing film shoot
All day film shoot for MotivateU
Wrote an article
Developed a business case
Been working with the team on our last study about the impacts of iOS 15 on email marketing.
Things is gonna be huge

CEO, Make Sense For Digital
Led a marketing film shoot
Worked on casting, storyboarding of the Spotify x PlayStation ad film and oversaw the ad film shoot
Strategy and Operations, Spotify
Presented to Spotify India Leadership
Designed a Product Concept Prototype
Collaborated with Product Design to create a prototype of a new product feature “Cities Lounge,” a geo-targeted hub for music, podcasts, local creators, and city-related content on the Spotify mobile app; 6M potential MAU increase
Strategy and Operations, Spotify
Developed a business case
Successfully developed and presented a business case for a new product flow and delivery model to ease buyer and seller pain points
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