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The Orpheus Show

As one of The Orpheus Show's team members, I assisted and collaborated with the other developers in the team to create the website for the Podcast.

This opportunity served as a remarkable milestone for me, since it was the first experience I had (informally) collaborating with other Hack Club members from elsewhere in the world. It was a great experience, since everyone had control to do as they liked and conflicts were easily settled with discussions on the Hack Club Slack.

Created with Next.js and deployed on Vercel, the website serves as an introduction to the Podcast and links to direct listeners to the Podcast on different platforms.
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Together with our friends from TechSesh we organized webinar series HackWeek - remote festival of technology.
Organized a community event
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Ran a Hack Club
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Today I organized first HackClub.pl event and gave a speech about importance of open-source.
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Our application for creating first HackClub community in Warsaw, Poland has been approved!


Sep 03, 2021
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Hosting a hackathon
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Hopped on a call with awesome people from Hack Club Bank, through their platform we now inherit 501(3)(c) nonprofit status through fiscal sponsorship. We also have access to their awesome banking infrastructure and plenty of other perks to boot :)