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Aug 02, 2017
Built a prototype
Wrote an article
Smart Chute was designed and prototyped to tackle the waste recycling problem in multifamily buildings.

Read more about the project here
Senior Product Manager, Sidewalk Labs
Finished a project
Finished a hardware project
Finished migrating an application from Mesos to Kubernetes… and shut down all of our Mesos infrastructure! This was a long time coming and went off with minimal hiccups. 
Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Puppet
Oct 01, 2021
Building a Home Lab
Started learning Kubernetes
Deployed a Backend System
Designed a Backend System
+ 2
Researched some great resources for proxying the computers in my garage to the cloud.  Meaning, I can host a website from home.

Trying to put all the pieces together with ansible so it can double as documentation.
Wired up a circuit
Created the first verifiable replay device that was capable of successfully playing back pre-recorded inputs and completing a level in Super Mario Bros. 1.

Raspberry Pi Project
Running Kubernetes
Building a Home Lab
Wrote an Ansible Playbook
+ 2
Building a home Rasberry Pi Kubernetes cluster. It has 4 8-gig Raspberry Pis, each with POE hats, a 1TB NVMe chip inside a USB3 adaptor shared via NFS4, and CAT8 cables just for laughs.  Kubernetes will be based on K3S, and everything controlled and configured with Ansible. 
Aug 06, 2021
Published a project
published a project
Created a website
Created a Website
Created a new website
Deployed a website
Deployed a site on Netlify
Deployed via Netlify
Finished a project
Designed a website
Designed and developed a website
+ 9
Built a random taco recipe generator with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the TacoFancy API.

Code repo - https://github.com/anniedotexe/random-taco
Live site - https://random-taco-recipe.netlify.app