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Sep 25, 2021
Graduated university
Presented a Design Concept
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Graduated college
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Hey there!

I'm excited to know what this is about and how we can all grow. Pluto is my AI-assistant (i got to say the name reminded me of Mickey's dog).

  • Pronouns: He /Him
  • Name: Erik
  • Pseudonym: Killua Frost, inspired in two of my favorite characters ever, Killua Zoldyck (which represents resiliens), Jack Frost (someone whos looking for his inner core, mostly a lonely person but with a lot to offer)

How do people know me?

People usually know me for being the guy who learned how to use photoshop by creating edits inspired by music and creating his own self portraits as alternative covers, experimenting with different styles, creating pictures with things that i had in my house and just enjoying the editing process to the release of them. People also know me for having a huge interest in plants, their caring, some benefits they bring to us,and loving keeping in touch with nature. Also some others know me for my particular love for funko pops, i don't own a huge collection of them but the few i have mean more than what people expect. A few for my infinite love for pop cultures, animes, tv series, movies and music. The funny thing is my nickname came from that as a tribute to the characters and the epic reliability I have with them.In fact, many people know me for changing my nickname during my life, depending on how i grew during that period of time. Others just for my high hopes, personally and professionally, I go for the extra mile besides some rocks along the way.

What can I offer (graphics) to you?

I got a degree as graphic designer, i usually do work like this:
  • Photography (Conceptual, food, architecture, product)
  • Retouch (Skin, outdoor, portrait, product, etc)
  • Branding (Logo, iconography, global identity, social media content creation, etc)
  • Graphic design (Editorial, layout, advertising, presentation design) 

How did I end up being a graphic designer?

  1. I began to learn some photography softwares such as Photoshop and later Adobe Lightroom when I was 15 years old on my own. Being interested, curious and just experimenting with them.
  2. Some years later I joined the graphic design career at a public university (BUAP) for more than 4 years. The content was very extensive in branding, global identity, photography, wayfinding, advertising design, editorial, illustration, poster design, packaging, animation, web design, and more. So I have a bit of knowledge of everything, more in some subjects than others.
  3. I continued for 2 more years on my thesis project which was about the influence of graphic design and colour in users (emotionally) that spend time in the waiting room from a hospital.
  4. Then i joined for an intensive english course at Ingles Individual, the mayor benefit was i could schedule whenever i wanted and the hours i wanted, so i spend some hours all weekdays and some others on weekends to keep practicing as much as i could while i was doing some others activities like two internships, one at a digital marketing agency and the other at a photography studio. Even though I finished in early April two years ago, i´m still in constant learning.
  5. Right now i'm enrolling in a professional certificate of UX design imparted by google at coursera which is the design subject i want to be specialized at, i´ve been learning how to empathize with users, do research to create user personas, user journeys, empathy maps, affinity diagrams, user flows, research studies, wireframing, creating low and high fidelity prototypes. By the end of the certificate I will be able to apply for entry level jobs and I'm excited to immerse myself into it.

Portfolio Link

While i'm working on my website i can provide you my portfolio like this:
Graphic design:


I did some data mining via Twitter API and visualised the radicalisation filter bubbles.

Country: Germany
Topics: Politics, Vaccination, Covid19
Sep 24, 2021
Started a new role
Started an internship
Started journey as Partner Solutions Intern at CRED. 🚀🥳
Started an internship
Going to college, I needed an internship to get experience, and that's where I got an opportunity at the Minas Gerais State Department of Culture. At this stage I didn't necessarily deal with development, I acted more as a support, where I gave support to the people in the sector where I worked, but it was also good because there was time for both college studies and content involving development.
Aug 25, 2021
Started an internship
Began events internship at D Magazine!