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First Internship
Received my first internship offer. It's a full-stack developer intern at Thoucentric Labs
Declined Job Offer
Turned down high-paying entry-level role
This might seem a strange one to include, but bear with me.

Around the same time I was offered a role with Australian Red Cross, I was offered a similar role with a Managed Service Provider. It was full-time and paid much more (nearly $15k full-time-equivalent).

After the interview, I got the sense the job was tightly bound to KPI's, and staying within certain responsibilities, and that it would be at least three years to move beyond Level 1 Support. Identifying that I'd have more opportunity at a non-profit that needed to utilize every available skill, I declined.

Calculated risks lead to longer-term opportunities 
Jul 27, 2021
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Since I'm in the middle of a job search, I've gotten tons of rejections from automated systems. Sometimes it feels like my application isn't even looked at before those emails go out.

As a person with ADHD and rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD), this is Not Fun. I've spent years learning how to deal with my ADHD/RSD and wanted to share my experiences for others that might be struggling.
Jul 18, 2021
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Incredible to see that there were ~30 job openings near my area that weren't looking for any degree hiring for developer positions. 

Most were looking for basic #HTML #CSS #JS #ReactJS #Angular etc. This was what I could not find at all about a year ago. Wow! 

6/100 #100DaysOfCode