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Aug 31, 2021
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Wrapped the second year owning UPC Code Manager at Shopify
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Attending a wedding
Bought a dress
I will be attending a summer wedding this Saturday in the 28th of August. After going to 8 stores, I finally found the perfect dress. The color of the dress is a beautiful copper color that is so sparkly. The dress is very elegant and unique and I’m so excited to be wearing it. It will be a black tie wedding. I’m so happy for this couple to finally tie the knot because they had to postponed their wedding last year due to the pandemic.
Jun 20, 2021
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I crashed my best friend from college's Father's Day party in Long Beach, California. I teamed up with Tessa to create a charcuterie board so pretty you contemplated eating it, competed in a very competitive pickleball tournament, and drank all the red wine.

You can see it all unfold :: WATCH HERE 🖤

Thank you to my West Coast family for welcoming me to your Father's Day party. 
Attended a gathering
In June I attended a beautiful wedding in Mexico. It was so different from California weddings, the entertainment and music made the night fun. They had entertainers dressed as monkeys and they would dance with the guest.  They also had a live band playing and most of the guest got up to dance. The monkey dancers were definitely the highlight of the night.
Attended a gathering
On Saturday I went to a cousins bridal shower. I haven’t been to a gathering since the pandemic hit. I enjoyed seeing and hanging out my family. I enjoyed eating Crumbl Cookies a little too much. 
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Kitchen Nightclub, Dublin (Ireland)

I moved to Ireland to get out of the Casino industry, and found myself working initially as barman in The Kitchen... The (in)famous club owned by U2 under the Clarence hotel. After about a year there I was made the bar manager in the VIP lounge and all I can say is... WOW. The time I spend there was amazing, although it was a style of life that was completely unsustainable, which is why I eventually left the job and moved to Spain to have a quieter life...