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Created by Leonardo Di Donato, Senior Software Engineer at Gitpod
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Wrote a Linux kernel module
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Wrote a Linux kernel module to support the Toshiba Tecra S1 laptop function keys; would never submitted to the kernel tree but it was used by several distributions and users throughout the years. It was great fun to have a glimpse of what low-level kernel development is (albeit at a very simple implementation).
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Hosted by Craig Box and Adam Glick at the Kubernetes Podcast from Google to speak about Falco and eBPF.

eBPF and Falco


We dive into the Linux kernel this week with guest Leonardo Di Donato, Open Source Engineer at Sysdig. Leonardo works full-time on the Falco project, a runtime security engine that listens to the Linux Kernel using eBPF - the extended Berkeley Packet Filter.
Leonardo tells the hosts about the architecture of eBPF, how he has used it before and now, and what’s coming up for Falco.