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Kicked off a new Project!
Designing a sprint backlog logic
Product Backlog Management
Writing user stories
Collaborated on a project
Trained professionals in marketing automation
Learning a new platform
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🏆 My first Enterprise Marketo implementation! 
I hate being unable to populate the backlog with the work required. It’s challenging to get what I need from the implementation partner… 
Hoping to get the teams work in a better place next week. 💪🏼
Oh! And we had a development team shake up 💣 right after we had sprint one planning.
Gotta love week one of storming hard🌩
Aug 19, 2021
Collaborated on a project
Printed a 3D model
My partner and I collaborated on these 3D printed models of the lanterns on my old college campus. The original design was a birthday present, but due to the high level of interest from other Wellesley alums, I've now grown it into a small business, which includes not just the lanterns, but also branding, shipping materials including stickers and cards, and a custom order-tracking web app for customers.
Aug 13, 2021
Collaborated on a project
Designed Visual Assets
Implemented Branding
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Can computers be creative? The poems below were made by a computer—does that change your answer? What if I told you they wasn’t written by the computer itself, but taken from Yelp review by an algorithm that identified them as a haiku? What do you think now?

A few months ago, my partner (in life and often in creative projects) and I worked together to make @morcom.wrote, a romantic algorithm that identifies and creates poetry. We were motivated by that initial question of whether computers can be creative. We use computers all the time, as tools to create things; with the way AI is developing, the point at which they can create for us isn’t far away. So what does that mean for how we define creativity and art? Is it still a poem if it’s birthed from 1s and 0s and not from the mind of a poet?
Worked with Anchor FM
Launched a Spotify Podcast
Launched a podcast
Collaborated on a project
Personal Development
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Launched Unexpected Undertaking, a personal podcast.

Aaron and Monique live in upstate NY (the big part) and this podcast will feature candid and open discussion about many aspects of their lives and the unexpected course of their relationship, including home life, parenting, hobbies, race, and just trying to exist without going crazy.

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Improved site performance
Built a feature
Collaborated on a project
Peer programming
Conducted a Code Review
Used Agile Methodologies
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Joined an awesome tech community called The Collab Lab.  Will be building a project with fellow Junior devs for the next 4 months.

We will be working with React, React hooks, & Firebase.
We will be doing code reviews, peer programming in an agile environment.

We Junior devs will be mentored by experienced devs.

I am excited !!🥳🥳🥳