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Nov 01, 2021
Started a new role at GravityDAO
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Was delighted to complete my #Graviton training with @aloysious.eth and the second generation of Gravitons, now being instantiated as the genesis of GravityDAO. Conflict mediation/resolution training with an emphasis on expertise for mindful, humxn-first, principled communication and collaboration techniques will become critical components of any "schelling point" strategy where ethics and intent have real meaning going forward, particularly if this is really going to be the "Year of the DAO." Looking forward to actively mitigating conflict wherever found and contributing to cleaning the noise from the signal of like-minded coordination. #NVC #coordination #cooperation #non-violence
Nov 01, 2021
Started a new role at GravityDAO
Decolonization Work
Excited to join GravityDAO >> will be collaborating with like minded Gravitons in the not so distant future! 🎉

Graviton ⚖ Conflict Mediation, GravityDAO
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Twitter Hype! :loudspeaker:

I'll be on a panel for Padawan DAO talking about diversity and inclusion . . .

My 🔥take:
> Radical Inclusion & Diversity of the mind 🧠 as it pertains to social and organizational design. 

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Decolonization Work
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🧵 [ ... ]

💡When we rationalize our thoughts and behaviors around skin color, ours or someone else's, we reduce our thinking to the social constructs that manifest white supremacy culture. We must not continue these oppressive cycles...

🧠 Diversity is of the mind, not the most obvious identity observed by the naked eye . . .
We all need to find ways to stop reducing people to what only our eyes can take in, there's so much more in front of us.

No one is prepared to advocate for another person's identity until they have unpacked their own. 

Once that happens they have an embodied sense of knowing not to assume what someone else needs and can begin asking how they can offer support.

If we want to support others we need to figure out how we're holding violence within our bodies {generational trauma} and come to understand how operating from low levels of social awareness, un-grounded in our identities, impacts our ability to show up and relate authentically.

I'm calling in a trauma informed culture.

I'm calling in the proper documentation of history.

I'm calling in everyone = who are you?

Who are your ancestors.

What language are you supposed to be speaking?

What all was stolen from you?

[ 🧠 #DecolonizeYourMind 🧠 ] 

Decolonization Work
Designed an Infographic

My thoughts are arranged like systems, 

each: post-it unique.
Ever since I could remember I would catalog my thoughts.

I would place them inside shapes utilizing density, lines, circles and flows to direct my thoughts placing my words as they came into the frame of my awareness.

This is how I remember

this is how I sort.
I've been sketching out how I've come to understand my own social awareness. . .