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Sep 17, 2021
Spoke on Twitter Spaces
Mentored an Android Developer
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Spoke at a Twitter Space all about interviewing in Android!

I recapped this Space in this newsletter issue.
Started mentoring
Started accepting mentees at MentorCruise.
Developed the Infrastructure Leadership Program
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Developed the Infrastructure Leadership Program, which supported new TLs in the company
Resource Management Operations Lead - DEI, Cognizant
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Streetwise Partners Mentor

Started as a career mentor for Streetwise Partners.
May 07, 2021
Mentored a hackathon

Mentored FrostHack 2021

Mentored a Software Engineer Internship
Continuing the previous year's tradition, after the 2020 Summer Camp we offered an internship for the graduates.
Considering the state of the world, it went from in-person to an online internship.

The final project of the internship was building an anime discovery platform using a public API Kitsu

The final project was presented at the start which contained a few browsing pages as well as search and filter functionality, with a few mockups as a reference and the work was planned in a scrum and sprints fashion, along with dailies to fully simulate a real work environment.

The participants were taught how to work with GIT, more advanced JavaScript concepts, and Vue.js. They were also taught how to navigate and read the API documentation, and how to create API queries. Basically, the full data adventure starting from a client call till rendering it on the page.

Besides the direct work with the participants, my other responsibilities included:
  • planing the internship final project
  • planing the presentation on new topics required for the final project
  • doing dailies with participants
  • coordinating other mentors, creating tasks, and assigning topics for them to deliver