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Photographed a Nature
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Ran away to nature for a weekend. 

Image description: Hand holding a clear glass ball, through the ball trees and foliage can be seen- upside down.
Took a break time
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Break time for me, break time (read: 'cleaning') for my desk and stuff.
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My mindful journey

I've been trying to get back into mindfulness recently. I got into the practice some years ago, but as always, I had issues making meditation a consistent daily habit and eventually stopped. I used to get back to it from time to time, but my difficulty with routine and time management prevented my from actually committing to it.
Still, on the times that I did get to do it, meditation was really, really helpful. Being undiagnosed for ADHD at the time, it was one of the few ways I knew how to intentionally get into a focused, rested state of mind. And more than that, it made me appreciate things that were surrounding me that I normally couldn't.

So, with my current awareness of my condition and the inner workings of my executive functions, coming back to the practice has not only been helpful as it has always been, but also fresh and exciting-knowing that I am now able to really take time for myself has led me to really invest into making it happen, without fear that one day I'd let it go because I couldn't possibly make it work. Now I have cognitive strategies, friends to hold me accountable and countless receipts of the benefits the practice has brought me.