Shreyas Koushik

  • @coachshreyas
  • Executive-Life Coach @ Get Set Rise | Podcaster
  • India
  • He/Him
Hey there! I'm Shreyas, your partner for accountability and growth. Here are some facts about me:

  • Accredited ACC by the ICF
  • I'm a Work Life Balance MYTH BUSTER by Passion AKA Exec-Life Coach  
  • Engineering puts food on the table  
  • Gratitude is my Attitude
  • Keyboardist for a Hobby 
  • Smile is my brand anchor


💫 Chief Visionary officer at Get Set Rise Coaching (Instagram)

🎙️ Podcaster at Get Set To Thrive (Instagram)

👨‍💼 COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist

🗣 Host - #CoachTalks with Shreyas
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Mar 2020 - Present

Founder and Principal Coach, Get Set Rise Coaching and Consulting

Sep 2020 - Present

Podcaster, Get Set to Thrive

Jun 2021 - Present

Host - Coach Talks With Shreyas, Get Set Rise Coaching and Consulting

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Live Streams
The Life Talk Burrito is a talk show about life and learning from the experiences of our guests,  hosted by your favourite hosts Shreyas and Michele! The Life Talk Burrito focusses on these 4 questions: 💡 What is the biggest challenge faced during 2020? 💡 Life Lesson learnt from that experience 💡 One thing that you'd like to change for 2021 💡 Legacy left behind.....
Get Set To Thrive Podcast
GST Podcast is a podcast on coaching covering topics related to Executive Coaching, Life Coaching and various coaching tools to select from. We are here to talk about, explore and share the world of coaching with you! You will learn about things that you may not want to ask, like what is coaching anyway? We will talk about what makes coaching different from counselling, mentoring and therapy. Did you know there are specialities in coaching? What benefits do the different areas offer? Can one coach do it all? How do you know if you are working with the right coach? Those are just some of the areas we will explore. We will also offer some tips to help make your life better, personally and professionally.  We can all use some extra tips, especially while we are dealing with this pandemic! Join us as we start season 1 with some fundamentals! You will be glad you did!