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Jan 01, 2022
Wrote an article
Implemented a Tailscale mesh VPN

Secure Networking Made Simple with Tailscale

For my first post of 2022, I explored my recent love affair with Tailscale and shared a bit about how I'm using it for simple, secure access to all of my servers no matter where I (or they) may be.

Seriously, I can't get over what a great job Tailscale does making a flexible mesh VPN architecture achievable for even a server jockey like myself. I'm just mad that I didn't discover Tailscale sooner!

network design
Designed a SpeedFusion Explainer Diagram
network design
Solved a Networking Problem
Today I fixed a network routing issue on a Superyacht remotely for a Peplink partner. 
network design
In October 2018 I started talking with two guys who had an idea about remotely driving vehicles.

We've worked closely together since then on reliable, low latency  cellular connectivity, and I have watched them iterate repeatedly, incrementally improving everything they do.

Today they have come out of Stealth mode as Vay and I couldn't be happier for them!

This by the way was the first 'vay car' we provided connectivity for at Thomas' house in London with Bogdan driving it remotely from Berlin!
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Graphic design
Technical authoring
Solution design
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Currently doing some design work for a client explaining how I would provide resilient connectivity to teleoperated machinery.
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This is IBM's autonomous Ship the Mayflower. 
I was responsible for designing the remote connectivity management onboard to allow it to be remotely monitored when crossing the Atlantic. I also managed to provide remote access to 8 cameras over a 200kbps upload limit (on iridum certus).