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I'm writing a newsletter! I always find it a bit awkward to write something in public. My first issue ever was a statement that writing is an act of ego β€” as a push to myself, telling me that it's okay to just write. But nonetheless, I get a little trepidation when writing and sharing to the public.

The good thing is, I can just schedule a newsletter issue to be sent when I'm sleeping or distracted. At least this way I won't get nervous and quit before clicking send.

Anyway, you can find my newsletter at

If you enjoyed any issue, or they made you think, let's talk!
Feb 05, 2021
Writing a newsletter
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Mit dem #medienspinner starte ich meinen ersten eigenen Newsletter. Über Social Media und Content Marketing.
Started 1 month ago
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Writing a newsletter
Publishing a newsletter
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I'm the creator behind The Timeline, a weekly-ish newsletter about viral content, social media trends, platform news and the creator space. If you have insights you'd like to share or projects in any of those spaces, send me a message.
Started 4 months ago
Writing a newsletter
I write three newsletters. You can learn about them and subscribe to them on my website.Β