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Moonly - Discover Upcoming NFT Update #2Β 

Hello people πŸ‘‹, how is your week? Hope you did at least half of what you wanted.

Last week I introduced my new project called which discovers upcoming NFT's, currently on Solana blockchain only. In the near future, It will also offer a set of tools based on analyzing the various data source to help people in the NFT space make better decisions when minting or trading.

The initial version of Moonly was built using no-code tools like which collected a bunch of data, Webflow to put a website together, and Integromat, to automate some processes. Of course, there is a lot of manual work involved done by me and my VA (virtual assistant) Nikola.

As I write, Moonly is getting rebuilt from the scratch using tech like Next.js, Express, GraphQL, etc. We are building custom solutions because of more flexibility and scalability. For example, Webflow has a very annoying limit of 10k items in the CMS database, and a lot of people complain about it for years, but they don't listen. To be honest, that is one of the main reasons I decided to build a custom solution from scratch, but ofc there are other reasons which I will talk about in the next update.

In the last 7-8 days we did:

- Designed UI for NFT details page with all kinds of metrics
- Converted Ui to a Next.js frontend
- Built backend and database structure
- Started connecting with external data sources and API's
- Started building administration panel
- Added 200+ NFT projects
- Moonly generated ~1600 visitors in the last 7 days Needed to exclude Direct traffic, because there is a bunch of bot attack there.

We are also preparing our own NFT, but more on that when we have some progress updates.

Currently, the team consists of:

- Two developers, one backend/DevOps, and another full-stack
- One virtual Assistant
- Writer
- UI Designer & Webflow developer (my wife Jelena)
- UI/UX designer (me)
- Growth hacker (me)
- Pixel Art designer for NFT
- Everything else of course me, since I need to glue, manage and decide on most of the things.

Last week I shared the top 30 Solana NFT projects by volume. Today I am sharing the next 30 projects also by volume.

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Today I start Noodls!

I've been tip-toeing into the NFT space over the past week or so and it is one of the most captivating spaces I've ever been in. Today, I start my own NFT collection - Noodls! Noodls will be 10,000 bowls of ramen noodles simmering on the Ethereum Blockchain. I don't know where this will go, but today I start to find out!
Apr 12, 2021
Thought about NFTs
"In the future, any professional illustration or design job should include an NFT."

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are a type of cryptographic token that uses blockchain technology to guarantee proof of authenticity and the possibility of being transferred through a simple and secure transaction.

NFTs have been created to support a specific job, order, or contract. They are a tool based on trust with the seller and the original artist, this relationship being a limit to its value, and can be revoked in the event that someone decides to manage their work in an unexpected way.

We will see what happens and if these NFTs will be able to maintain the value and originality of the artworks of artists, designers, illustrators and content creators. This is something we have been trying to figure out for a long time.

#Blockchain #Ethereum #NFT #Eth #CryptoArt #Token #Art #Design
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special Rare Nik NFT Review for collection:
is Ghozali went bananas: yes βœ… is collection memes: good Q tu turu-ness overall Ghozali collection deserves 7 well riped intergalactic bananaphones
watch the full video:
Designed User Experience Assets
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Good day, good people! After a short break of sharing my progress update for Automatio, I am back with a new project. Meanwhile I got married and became a father (minted) beautiful girl called M....

As you may know already, I devote time to building a no-code web automation tool called Automatio (a powerful web scraper and bot builder). But I also dived into Solana NFT blockchain development a couple of months ago. And despite the challenges, it’s been an exciting ride.

The project I am currently developing is It's a fresh database of trending NFT projects, that helps you recommend the best upcoming NFT projects worth investing in on Solana.

I’ve been on to NFT for quite some time now, and I know how difficult it can be to decide what NFT project is worth the time and investment. This problem and other salient ones are what I vision Moonly to solve. Moonly is curently at its prototype stage, and its getting rebuilt from scratch using Javascript stack.

Moonly is able to recognize possible blue-chip NFT projects analyzing over 18 different factors like social stats, engagement, validation of followers, growth rate, doxxed founders, roadmap, Discord community, etc. It will offer a set of tools to help you monitor existing NFT projects and make better decisions on trading. Like Floor Price, Volume, Listing count historical data, undercut opportunities, and more.

Here you can find top 15 Solana NFT projects of all time, sorted by volume. Those links below are to the Moonly pages where you can find more informations about each project. Once have in mind what you currently see is just a prototype and fully rebuilt version is comming soon with much more data for each of the project.

I would like to know are you into NFT game, if yes, on what chain you are Solana or Ethereum, and what NFT project you are holding. And would appreciate your honest feedback on the project itself.Β