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Dec 17, 2021
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I created a Notion template for client portals. This way, I can provide everyone with their own space and landing page for deep visibility into my work with them.
Founder and Principal Advisor, Forthright
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I made a free notion template resource based on my personal mentoring dashboard and made it available to other mentors who are looking to track and share information with their mentees.

It includes a relational database of notes, conversations and a basic relationship CRM.

Duplicate this template:
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Joining a new company as Manager / Leader? 
It always helps if you prepare yourself and do your homework before joining and follow up after onboarding on how things went. 

Here is a checklist that I had created when I joined  @mindtickle last year

You can download it for free (or for coffee) from here -
Jul 20, 2021
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Clarity and expectation-setting are vital to building trust and opening the door for high quality conversations between you and your direct reports—especially on remote teams.

Expectation-setting begins as early as the hiring process. At MeetEdgar, I created a job outline called a "Work Agreement" for every employee that documents responsibilities, success metrics/indicators, expectations for how to handle work and approach problems, and concrete examples of how roles can live out our company values.

These were meant to be ever-changing, living documents—a useful tool to benefit employees, but also helped managers lead with clarity.

Employees could reference these any time they were unsure of how their performance was being evaluated, identify how the scope of their roles was evolving to start conversations around official role changes and/or bringing on additional team members, and to help managers discuss career development progress with team members.

You can check out the template and borrow the format here:
Jul 13, 2021
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When you work in an office, new hires only really need to know when and where to show up on Day 1, and you can take it from there. When your team is fully remote, there's a a bit more to cover!

Sending a pre-boarding note to kick off the process is a helpful way to manage overwhelm, address any too-obvious-to-think-to-ask stuff that can add friction to remote onboarding, and sets the tone for open and clear communication moving forward.

I made a general template out of a process that has worked well for me in the past for remote teams to adapt and use. I call it the "Day 1 Doc."

You can duplicate it to your Notion workspace here:

(Here'a a Google Doc version, if you need one as well.)