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Released a Laravel package
Nop, the solution to prevent concurrent access and content overwrites, has finally its own integration with Filament Admin!

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Feb 01, 2015
Learnt PHP
Sometime in 2015, I began learning PHP a lot more. Wow that takes me back.
Released a Laravel package
Released a new open source library
Released a new package: Laravel FusionAuth JWT 🥳

FusionAuth is a great free alternative to Auth0 and this package implements an Auth Guard to work with their JWT to authenticate the current user.

It ships with a handy middleware to check for role too, great for an additional security check.

Jul 15, 2021
Contributed to a Laravel package
Contributed to open source
This week I sent over a PR to another Icon pack for the blade-ui-kit Icon pack ecosystem. I happened to stumble upon the icon pack working on a project.

I noticed they weren't using the new generator script we added and that there were some new icons that could be released in the blade package. So I found some time later that night to create and send over the PR.

Now there are 15+ new icons and subsequent updates should be easier. Just checkout the new release tag in the submodule, run the generator script, update the changelog and tag a release!
Jul 09, 2021
Released an Open Source Project
Published a project
Released a Laravel package
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Today I created and released a new blade-icon pack in a mater of a few hours. It was a great exercise in using the icon generation script I helped add into blade-icons. Using that feature I was able to rather quickly create a method to normalize the source SVGs.

Here's the link to my new Lucide icon pack for laravel:
Streamlined a Deployment Process
Created a Composer package

Created a Deployer recipe

Finally got a chance to move our Magento 2 deployer code into a Composer package for easier installation and project integration.
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