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Started a new job
Ran a technical spike
I started my first job in Capgemini in the world of SAP techies.
Started 13 days ago
Running a technical spike
Learning Blockchain
Started 12 days ago
Used an API
Running a technical spike
Learning API Integration with SAP
Built something new
Deployed a Backend System
Designed a Backend System
Ran a technical spike
Built a feature
Built UI components
Hired a FrontEnd Developer
Hired a Developer
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Hired a Software Developer
Automated deployment
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Wrote Scalable Services
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We've build a B2B SaaS from scratch and up to serving $M deals.

As a hands-on engineering manager I've both arranged and participated in both backend (Golang) and frontend (Vue.js) development of the system. Also I've managed servers (ubuntu linux), deploy processes, etc. 

And of course the main treasure is the great team whom me/we found and hired and cherished. Kudos to you guys and girls, you totally rock! :)
Ran a technical spike
Ran a technical spike to determine what the best way to run integration tests on a micro front end would be on a partner team's UI.
Software Development Engineer, Amazon Advertising
May 14, 2020
Built a SaaS
Deployed a Backend System
Designed a Backend System
Wrote Scalable Services
Ran a technical spike
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Building @delightiq

Senior Software Engineer, Velotio