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Tried prisma for first time
Used prisma
I hope everyone's weekend is going well 😎

I had a lot of fun learning about Prisma taking Ryan Chenkie's new (and free!) course. It is such a blast to work with, especially in VSCode with the Prisma plugin. 

This course is excellent if you're looking to get started with Prisma 👍

Jan 11, 2022
Used Next.js
Used prisma
Implemented a tag system for Lumiere!

Took a while, but it works!
Gonna try to implement a search bar soon to put these tags to use!
Jan 06, 2022
Used Next.js
Used prisma
Developed a New Feature
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Been making a bunch of changes to Lumiere recently.

I implemented a pretty cool profile system, and I have some more features in the works as of right now!

Can't wait to see where I can take this project!

Used Next.js
Worked on a side project
Used prisma
Used Firebase
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I created, a tool for automating simple scavenger-hunt-like experiences using QR codes.
Aug 30, 2021
Started learning Golang
Used prisma
Used PostgreSQL
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I started on a new project, called Diseasy-Peasy

The goal is to make a full-stack website that allows users to find what disease/illness they have based on the symptoms they input!

I plan to use Next.js for the frontend, and so far I've implemented the backend in Go, PostgreSQL, and Prisma!

(First time using Go and Prisma btw)
Sep 04, 2021
Used prisma
Used PostgreSQL
Developed a backend system
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Re-designed the entire Meetup Map backend with new technologies!

I mainly migrated from MongoDB to PostgresSQL, and learned Prisma to interact with my database easily!

Now all that's left is the frontend mobile app..