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Nov 04, 2021
Executed a Product Release
Strategy & execution for the first (customer-facing) thematic release – called Service On-the-go.

Featured on an App Store

Got featured on Apple App Store

Hosted a live performance
Planned and collaborated for an event
Marketed a new event
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Planned and pitched "Small Wrld" (@smallwrldng) Event Proposal - this included strategizing Key Performance Indicators, Target Audiences, and SWOT Analyses - in coordination with Jermaine Media (@jermaine.og), and Airways Management (@airwaysmgmt) to alcohol beverage Hennessy for sponsorship consideration at Bayroot Bar & Lounge in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Hennessy sponsored the event and the artist showcase took place on December 23rd 2021 and included Nigerian artists Moyoswrld, SaveMilli, Strafitti, and ytboutthataction amongst others. 
Nov 26, 2021
Went to the Product Marketing Summit in London
Listening to April Dunford  speak about positioning and her work in the field is just sad when it ends.

There's a learning and a laugh every single minute. Great to be back at live events abroad with the Product Marketing Alliance in London.
Presented a product demo
Built an email list
Ran a cold email campaign
Paid advertising
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Started recurring webinars to help the Sales team scale product demos. Ran experiments with different setups to attract and convert more leads.

The marketing promotion is key for success. It’s a 2-week sprint, exploring different channels for lead acquisition — including ads, email outreach campaigns, and social media. We test a channel quickly, analyze results, stop it or expand on it.

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Joined a Start Up
Marketed a new event
Marketed a new platform
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Joined the Marketing and Growth team at! 🎉