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Improving collaboration
Brainstorming ideas
Leading a cross-team collaboration
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Together with the PMs chapter, we highlighted the main pain points of both the PM-to-PM and the cross-department collaboration. 

Based on the priorities, I have been organizing brainstorming sessions with the chapter so to improve the processes and took ownership of the preparation and presentation of the consequent results to the leadership round.
Senior Product Manager, Volkswagen Digital: Lab

Charlotte Oetken



Aug 16, 2021
Started a new job
Started a new role at Thoughtworks
Changed my role within Thoughtworks to become a Business Analyst! Very excited and thankful for this opportunity 🎉
Wrote a blog post
Tested a new product
This weekend I played quite a lot around with Tauri, and I'm impressed! It is fun to code, really fast, and safe. I hope more and more JavaScript desktop application will move to it from other frameworks, that are way more bloated.

I also wrote a bit of code, and one of the problem I've faced is reading environment variables from the frontend code, so I've written a small tutorial about it.
Started a new job
Excited to join Swarm Solutions as a Senior Software Engineer! 🎉 
Senior Software Engineer, Swarm Solutions
Jul 11, 2021
Started a new job
Started a New Job as Senior Software Engineer at Nana | نعناع
Jul 13, 2021
Tested a new software feature
Today I successfully tested an iPhone app from a 3rd party developer!