Quantum Machine Learning

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Senior Partner and Head of Strategy, Tyto Public Relations Limited
Started 3 months ago
Curiosity is what ultimately drives me. I need to know what's possible today and what technology will enable us to do in the future. So I signed Tyto PR up to be an associate member of the European Quantum Industry Consortium, a non-profit group that has the mission to boost the European quantum technology industry’s competitiveness and economic growth, and bolster value creation across the continent.

Quantum computing is quite a challenge for tech PR, even if you have been in the business for almost 20 years. Any of the analogies used to describe quantum states, entanglement, quantum communications or other phenomena taking place in this micro world are completely useless in helping anyone to understand what is going on. The cat? A cat is either alive or dead, period. We need better analogies, and professional comms to transport the incredible potential of this technology to all audiences out there.   

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