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Nov 28, 2021
React project
The Collab Lab Cohort
Team project
Reached a milestone
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Our app is finally done! 🤩
And The Collab Lab is a wrap! 🎉

Thank you to my teammates & mentors for such a wonderful 8 weeks that we spent together. 💙

Thank you, The Collab Lab, for the great opportunity and experience! 💖
Developed a React App
Studied React
Wrote TypeScript
Using Typescript
Learned Styled Components In React
Used React Hooks
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During the React Bootcamp second half, we've developed a web application with data persistence in LocalForage. The Markee App consists of a markdown editor with a preview board.

Besides React.Js, were also part of the experience best practices and project organisation well accepted by the community.

Main technologies used on development:
Styled Components

Markee App features:
New file creation;
Title and content editing;
Title and content rendering conditional the active file;
Select active file to be shown ;
Error and sucess messages displayed for the user;
Status automatic update between 'editing, saving, saved', also displayed to the user, with symbols;
File's deletion once X button is clicked;
Hover effects on buttons and links.

Netlify link to the App:
Followed an online course
Used Rust
Used React.js
Web3 project
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Smart Contract
Built an app
Used React.js
Started learning solidity
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After learning Solidity, and smart contract development for about a month, I've decided to launch an NFT project to test my learnings.

I decided to create my own collection called "Crypto Conway". First, I had to create a smart contract using Solidity. This was a challenging experience that came with many learning experiences. As an example, deploying to the Ethereum Mainnet was gonna cost me $200-400, which wasn't gonna work for a project designed just for learning. So I had to learn about the Polygon/Matic network and decided to deploy there.

After deploying my first smart contract, I built a web app in React. While I'm very familiar with building web apps, there was plenty to learn as I had to figure out how to interact with the blockchain.

You can view the app here:
Or view a single NFT here: OpenSea
Started learning React
Front-end developer
There's no coding to do for the hackathon yet, so I'm doing a crash course on React.
May 23, 2021
Used React.js
Google Maps
Submitted a project to Mental Health Hacks from MLH!

I created a website called TheraTracker, which identifies nearby therapists and psychiatrists.

This was quite a fun project, since it was my first experience with frontend web development and React (and connecting it to a backend).