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Growth hacking
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Remarketing with Cookies! 🍪

Rewrite your multiple landing pages and cookies for UTM campaigns.

Started 8 minutes ago
Working with React
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Started a new role at Infinity Bot List
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Re-joined the Infinity Bot List team, as a Developer to help with Version 4, which is being built in React!

Can't wait to see what v4 brings to the bot list communities!
Developer, Infinity Bot List
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Started 3 days ago
Made generative art
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This year I'm participating in Genuary, a generative art challenge with a new prompt each day of January.

My art is over on So far I've been using JavaScript with React and Paper.js.
Jan 06, 2022
Started to learn next.js
Learning the joys and sadness of next.js
Started learning React
Taking Lessons from Codecademy
I've started taking the ReactJS course on Codecademy during the break to broaden my skill pool and experiment with other JS frameworks. I'm used to Vue, so I find React very interesting. JSX is surprisingly intuitive and fun to use. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn!