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Wrote Ruby Code
Built a Ruby CLI
Week 2 at Le Wagon πŸš‚

This week again was very interesting ! The first day we continued with Ruby and we learned regex, it was really complicated but also very interesting πŸ˜„.

The day after we saw the parsing method with different format (csv, xml and json), we also learned how to get data from the web.
We learned how to use an API and how to scrap data from an HTML page.

The following days we started to learned the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) we saw the Classes, Instances, Inheritance and Self. Many informations and concept to learn but it was very interesting.Β 

We finished this week with a cookbook terminal app πŸ“–, the main goal of this app was to create recipe or get some recipe from the web and to save them. For that we used all the concepts we saw the days before.

A tough week 😴
Wrote Ruby Code
Built a Ruby CLI
Week 1 at Le Wagon πŸš‚

This first week at Le Wagon was very interesting, we learned a lot of things in a short time.

We started by the programing basics in Ruby πŸ’Ž, we learned how to run a program in the terminal, variables, Built-in objects...

The following days we saw the program flow, conditionals, arrays, iterators, blocks, hash and symbols. It permit us to create basic apps in the terminal like a Black Jack game 🎰 and many others.
Update book
Started updating my ebook 'Fast Feedback Using Ruby' (see… again.

It's still amazing how fast software versions and thus the software behaviour changes.

I already found some interesting changes how some of the tools have changes since their last release (with a minor version change).
Nov 01, 2020
Built a Ruby CLI
Created a script
Created a command line interface
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I created a CLI game in Ruby based on The Sims. Check it out on GitHub: