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After writing and curating my weekly newsletter Creativerly for over two years now, I decided it was about time to take the next step and monetise it. Therefore, I am excited to announce that it is now possible to advertise in Creativerly.

Creativerly is constantly growing. As of writing this, over 1250 people are subscribed to my weekly newsletter, and over 3000 folks visit my website every single month.

I gathered my thoughts and reasoning of why I decided to introduce advertising in Creativerly in a blog post you can read right here.

If you are interested in collaborating with me and support my work at Creativerly as an advertising partner, head over to the documentation I have set up at, and then get in contact with me to discuss any further details. 
Working with IoT
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I finished putting together an IoT device to help us know when the dryer is finished. It runs ESPHome and monitors the temperature in the vent hose and reports it to Home Assistant. 

Mar 19, 2019
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Representing my hometown isn't just about wearing the hat. It's about going back to my community and paying forward all that was given to me. Being straight outta Compton doesn't mean I leave forever. Dedicated to help the next generation follow my path and travel farther.
Worked on a side project
Started a new side project
Started to working in a side hustle project. I want to help the Water distribution small companies to manage and control his business. Manage sales, distribution routes, get custom reports and many others functionalities that help them to save time and money.
Started a new side project
What would you do if you weren't afraid? 
Started a new side project
Created my portfolio website using React