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Dec 15, 2016
Closed a business
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Left a role at intraverse vr llc
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While we had developed some promising demos and had exciting success with our pneumatic soft muscle and tendon operator IK controls, the team at Intraverse VR encountered an issue that we would not longer be able to overcome with what we had developed. 

The pneumatic soft muscles we were producing had too small of a lifespan, and would fail after approximately 1000 cycles. Increasing production quality would require extremely specialized equipment and manufacturing partners, and be cost prohibitive. We had also encountered a few mechanical and maintenance issues that were making commercialization of our system to individual operators impractical, and would ultimately need an intensive support team and replacement part supply chain.

On December 15th 2016, our team signed articles of dissolution for Intraverse VR - a little wiser, a lot more grounded, and without breaking the bank or ending in debt!
Co-Founder, Intraverse VR LLC