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Sep 14, 2021
Working on a content toolkit
Content Creation
Content strategy
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My goal for my current WOL circle is to create a content toolkit to help people build better systems for their content creation so that they can put their content strategy into action.

If that's something you're interested in, drop me a line.
Lead Social Strategy
Created Content for Social Media Roll Out
Role: Social Strategist Lead and Content Creator

UnitedMasters #SelectCon 3 is the premier music conference for independent artists. We pulled together today’s top movers & shakers to give to unlock the blueprint to #OwnYourFuture.

I lead the social roll-out from strategy to execution including creating and editing content for socials.

Pre-Event Goals: Drive awareness and RSVPs and spread the word about SelectCon as wide as possible and continue to establish SelectCon as a notable music conference that is for the culture. 
During The Event Goals: Keeping viewers active, engaged and updated by engaging with them on socials via reposts/retweets and replying to comments, and giving status updates. Post content about what’s happening at Selectcon to show people who aren’t tuned in what they are missing. 
Post-Event Goals: Reinforce Selectcon’s value & drip out more content that reminds people of why they should be tapped in. 
Check out the Best Moments from UnitedMasters SelectCon on Twitter and Instagram

Artist Marketing & Promotions Manager & Social/Editorial, UnitedMasters
Lead Social Strategy
Role: Strategist

At UnitedMasters we’ve been publishing a ton of educational content giving independent artists tools and tips they can use to elevate their careers. Last week we published one of our most popular educational posts to date:

“What Independent Artists Can Learn from #CertifiedLoverBoy”
[Click Here For The Post]

This post on Instagram alone did 310,000 impressions in 5 days.  

We’ve tapped in with playmakers and artists across the music industry to create content and virtual events across Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, and our blog. This series overall has been shared by the likes of DJ Khaled, Kehlani, Revolt, Audiomack, and more bringing in 3,000,000+ organic impressions. 

This simply shows the impact and power of turning a trend into content that is relevant to your brand that informs, entertains, inspires, educates, and gets your followers to engage. 

Check out more below: 
Artist Marketing & Promotions Manager & Social/Editorial, UnitedMasters
Produced Social Media Series
Role: Strategist & Content Creator

Being an independent artist is hard enough without getting lost in the jargon around the music biz. Understanding the language of the industry is key to a viable career as you create and protect your art. In this ongoing series were empowering artists by breaking down some key terms and concepts artists should know.

See more here 

(p.s i created these video edits)
Artist Marketing & Promotions Manager & Social/Editorial, UnitedMasters
Sep 07, 2021
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Jetzt gibt es den neuen Hexenkalender 2021/22 und de kleine Hexenküche! Überall wo es Bücher gibt oder hier:
Created Content for Brand Collaboration
Created Content for Client
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I've always enjoyed collaborating with Kiehls- definitely amongst my favorite skin-care and self-care brands that I've faithfully been using for nearly 10 years! Here's my take on creating content for the brand using the concept of transitioning my skin-care routine from day-to-night. 

"swipe right to see what my self-care routine looks like from ☀️ day to night 🌙 refreshing mornings with Calendula and ending it with a calming mask routine has been a great way to destress not just my skin but also my mind and well-being. Can always rely on @kiehlsphilippines @kiehls to help me #DestressNotDistress. How do you like to destress? #KiehlsPH #kiehls"