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Created by Shelby Spees, Site Reliability Engineer at Equinix
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Object Oriented Programming
Deployed a Backend System
Studied React
Learnt Java
Full-Stack Software Engineer
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From now on I am working 100% full stack and have built a quiz app. 
This has a Spring Boot backend with Rest:API interface and a React.js frontend. 
In doing so, I tried to consistently follow through with Clean Code and TDD. Also a charming design with styled components may not be missing of course. 
The current status covers only the first two user stories, a verification tool and also a multiplayer with is planned and will be added soon. 
Trainee Full Stack Developer, Neue Fische - School and Pool for digital talents
Job Searching
Obviously as a recruiter/sales person, many people know what I do.

However, not many people know WHY I do what I do.

Video by Kamren Kennedy
May 05, 2021
Promoted to Senior Software Engineer
Got the promotion at work! Incredibly validating after the long road from Compton to Google!
Software Engineer, Google
Jun 01, 2020
Started a new job
Full-Stack Software Engineer
Excited to join Fresh Cars as a Full Stack Software Engineer! Looking forward to help kickstart the digitization journey!
Published a blog post
Launched a personal website
I started my GitHub pages site & blog.
Started a new role
Started my first dev job
I was hired and this time I had my first job as a front-end developer. At that time, in addition to mastering basic front-end concepts, I learned a lot about React. It was an interesting time because that was when we launched a web app where I worked as an intern, and at that time I saw a lot about gitflow, deploy, etc.