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Created by Shelby Spees, Site Reliability Engineer at Equinix
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Started a new role
Started my first dev job
I was hired and this time I had my first job as a front-end developer. At that time, in addition to mastering basic front-end concepts, I learned a lot about React. It was an interesting time because that was when we launched a web app where I worked as an intern, and at that time I saw a lot about gitflow, deploy, etc.
Sep 22, 2011
Started my first dev job
I started work with C++ on Source Engine Game.
Jan 04, 2021
Promoted to Senior Software Engineer
Became a team lead
Excited to take on this new responsibility!
Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead, HealthMetrics
Launched a personal website
Designed a Website
Designed and developed a website
Wrote an ebook
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Growing your brand doesn’t have to be so hard.

I’m passionate about helping brands grow their revenue, build a loyal community, achieve your business goals, and maintain a consistent brand image – all with a purposeful website. 
That's why I just launched my personal website to help businesses get started with a few freebies on!
Job Searching
I just started out with UI/UX, I don’t mind an internship program to keep me busy, meanwhile #DailyUI has been doing me good, sending me designs. I have gone past day 50 and it is an amazing experience. Please help this brother. 

PS I also have basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript 
Sep 09, 2021
Job Searching
Chasing dreams
Looking for the next big challenge to work on. Coming out fresh from the #CustomerSuccess space. 

If you know someone looking for their next product designer = comment or dm 🤟

Is it time to reset my own expectations?

It might be! 

I'm researching opportunities in the #gaming industry and #metaverse space 🚀

Crazy exciting projects out there