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Launched a personal website
Developed my personal website in react.
Jan 07, 2022
Launched a personal website
Launched a personal site
Launched a personal website
Relaunched so fresh and so clean clean version of

Completely restyled, re-architected, and re-organized to highlight life and arts with the same impetus as technical posts, and reflect my personal style and panache. Truly a personal site, " Aint nobody dope as me."
Launched a personal website
Just launched my personal webite made with NextJS, i will post some blogs there

My Personal Website
Launched a personal website
The fourth version of my personal website and portfolio — — is now live. I had a lot of fun building with NextJS & Tailwind, and I'm excited to move into the tinkering stage.
Launched a personal website
Today's the day I have launched ""! It was so fun to build!

Whenever I was designing my website, my main items that I wanted to make sure my website was were both simple, yet not an eyesore. And I believe I have actually done that!

The nice part is that it is a static website, meaning anyone with a internet connection can access it, without it being too difficult on it. I hope you'll get a chance to view it! It has a blog, ways to connect with me, and even my resume and a place to put time on my calendar!