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Jan 21, 2022
Designed a portfolio
Launched a Website
Created a website
Launched a personal website
Designed a website
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Finally completed and excited to share my personal/portfolio website, proudly powered by plain HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript/ES6+, and tons of GSAP flavoured UI animations and website effects.

Check it out!

Dec 08, 2021
Created a portfolio
Designed a portfolio
Developed my portfolio. Although not yet entirely finished it’s ready for the world!

During the design of the portfolio I tried to really think about ‘what would a hiring manager like to see?’ and at the same time ‘what do I want to bring across?’. Because in the end although the hiring manager might want to see stellar visual design, underlying that want is the need to get a good grasp of my skills. If I don’t excel in visual design then I should also not want to highlight that aspect of my work. 

Anyway, that led me to focus on case studies rather than just dumping screenshots of my work. The positive side is that I can really better explain how I think and work. The negative side is that they take a lot longer and thus I only have 1 completely finished on there for now. 

Because of the same reason I also built this initial dialog that asks people what they’re interested in so that I can highlight those aspects within the portfolio. Unfortunately I haven’t actually gotten around to highlighting anything. But the hiring manager will have to answer the questions. 
Built a UI component library
Built Minorui.

During the creation of Sutle, I managed to build my personal ReactJS component UI library called Minorui. I'm planning on using it for future projects as well.

Redesigned a website
Used Nextjs
Designed a mock-up in Figma
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Redesigned my personal site and blog section. Used Figma for UI/UX and developed the website using Next.js and mdx.


used Figma
Designed a New Component
Designing for UI Challenge
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Alert modal

Designed this nested component using typography, icons, and button component.
used Figma
Designed a New Component
Designing for UI Challenge
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Comment component

Decided to create a separate comment component though the input component could be used as well. This is to represent a difference in the dimension. Thinking about it now, a better way is for the input component to serve as the comment. This is to avoid repetition when we create new variants