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Went on a Twitch Livestream
Spoke on usability
Joined Jeff Fritz to talk about Usability on the Web:
Relaunched website
Refactored wordpress theme
Supported Product Pivot
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Feel a little guilty taking any credit on this one—the Liviri product team and my fellow dev Nathan did nearly all the work. My contribution was basically just pushing the button that moved staging to live. Still, stoked to continue supporting this category-defining product as it refines itself to better meet market needs.
Front-End Developer, Otter Products
Registered Engineer
Pakistan Enigneering Council
Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineer .

May 12, 2021
Refactored wordpress theme
Began work on 6 year old Wordpress theme to add new content types using * Advanced Custom Fields
* Timber/Twig templating

End goal is to create an interactive map that pulls in data from both new and exciting content.
Sr. Front-End Developer, New Media Campaigns