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Jeremy Fryc



Sep 15, 2021
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Hello Polywork! Happy to get started here with so many other talented people. I'll just drop a little poster here of my first commercial game I'll be releasing in February 2021 on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. 

Hope to share more with the community soon and check out what everyone else has to share!
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Sword of Earth 2500
is very interesting game , turnbased civilization type of game
build a future society and populated again Earth, fight against all odds and conquer the Earth.
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Game maker
I designed and developed a video game: UFOria. It is my little game for the Opera GX Game Jam. It was my first time using Game Maker and I really liked the result :D
Play my game:
Aug 24, 2021
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I'm super excited that we got recognition at Latam Game Contest last month.
Super inspiring for all the team of Cactus Production.

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Myself and a friend released "Unorthodox Fuel Obtention" today! It's a silly, fun, high-score  based, arena shooter that was made from beginning to end (GFX, SFX, music and code!) within a 2 week timeframe, mainly working a few hours each evening. The game was made as part of the "Opera GX GameMaker Game Jam".

The rules were simple:
  1. permit two players
  2. make it a high-score chaser
  3. don't use any online features
  4. and use UFO as the theme.
Top prize is $10000 - which is nice - and the winning game will become the Opera GX browser offline game, much like the dinosaur game in Chrome. Now THAT makes the $10000 seem less important! Especially when you realise that Opera will be helping polish the winning entry which will then be played by millions of people...

I'm quite proud of it as a "proof of concept" and it has all the details that we wanted to include, although it requires a LOT of polish and balance tweaking still!!!! Let's hope that Opera can see the potential in it... :)
Dec 15, 2020
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Today we launched Everquest 2: Reign of Shadows and I get my first credit as a Game Designer. Five years from Customer Support to Quality Assurance on seven different games. Excited to finally see it in writing.