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May 14, 2021
Interacted with open source VueJS code
First Pull Request
Contributed a pull request
Improved keyboard accessibility for an open source project
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Submitted a PR to Vue Multiselect

My first official pull request ever, driven by a bug fix my company's product needs + the desire to no longer maintain a custom fork.
Frontend Software Engineer,
Jun 16, 2021
Gave an internal talk
Created a meme for presentation slides
Illustrated cats for my presentation slides
Shared my experience interacting with open source
Demonstrated techniques for reading unfamiliar code
Interacted with open source VueJS code
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Presented "Deciphering the Vue Multiselect Source Code: A Campfire Story"

Turned my recent experience interacting with an open source project into a talk for the engineering org. Showcased systematic process and techniques for getting oriented in an unfamiliar codebase.
Frontend Software Engineer,