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Created a Web Component to check what your empty cartridges are worth. The RecycleClub Calculator can be implemented and used across any JavaScript framework or no framework at all. I accomplished this by using standardized web platform APIs and Web Components. This micro-frontend is embedded on the RecycleClub website. It also enables charities to embed this calculator on their website with low effort, no matter what framework they use.
Senior Frontend Developer & Scrum Master, PAQT.com
Started 5 months ago
Developed Web Components
Working on a side project with no React, no webpack, no junky CSS-in-JS frameworks - just Web Components. It feels good. 
Developed Web Components
We have developed behaviour only Web Components at Spektrix that allow third party integrators to use attributes on their own markup so that we can deliver behaviour but allow ultimate flexibility in markup and style. 

There seems to be a lot of web component libraries out there for reducing the boiler plate around Custom HTML Elements, but all of them seem to force you to define HTML.

I have seen other SaaS providers publishing web components but often then require or bundle React. Since our components are often used on homepages by clients, the bulk of whom are not going to be using any one particular javascript framework already, it feels wrong to add so many bytes to their pages.

Perhaps there is someone else out there solving the same problem, perhaps they are solving it in a different way.
Principal Engineer, Spektrix
Aug 24, 2020
Built a Design System
Developed Web Components
Built a Design System for Vertex utilizing Web Components with StencilJS, documentation built in Vuepress, and design tooling in Figma.
Head of User Experience, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Nov 03, 2019
Developed a Design System
Developed Web Components
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Finished working as a Senior Software Engineer at Forter

Working on the Portal team, I helped develop a web components design system using Lit for a B2B dashboard SPA 
Senior Software Engineer, Forter