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Launched Crock of Time, a website dedicated to my home fermentation projects.

Logo and illustrations by Jack Watson.

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I designed, built, and deployed my new personal website at https://josiahrooney.dev.

It's built on react, typescript, vite, chakra-ui, and react-router-dom.
Dec 04, 2021
Volunteered with @OutInTech
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Volunteered as a developer
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I volunteered with Out In Tech for their Digital Corps initiative that they perform every quarter!

I was a developer who helped with the implementation of a Wordpress.com website for a Not For Profit LGBTQIA organization in Sierra Lionne where it is a criminal act to be LGBTQIA.

Highlighted this quarter was the crisis in the middle east, where the Taliban has a hit-list of LGBTQ members of society. Due to the fact they are seeking international status as a country, they are quietly killing members of LGBTQIA communities. This has forced many organizations into hiding. We were introduced to https://76crimes.com/ , an organization that seeks to publish news about crimes in countries that criminalize LGBTQIA people. 

We spent all day building a site to support the efforts of an org in Sierra Lionne that will remain anonymous to protect their safety.
Feb 01, 2019
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Designed & built my friend's website

Dec 03, 2021
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I finally published the third entry in my "You don't need..." series in  the DEV Community called: "You don't need 'if'"

In it I talk about some alternatives in JavaScript to common statements such as if, for, while and so on.

Read it here!
Nov 28, 2021
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Stream taking a look (in Spanish) at Remix, the recently publicly released framework by the creator of React Router! Take a look here!