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Got married
Bought a domain
New family name: Kröll-Sassik (equivalent to Kroell-Sassik).
And what's the first thing a geek does? Buy a domain :)
Built a website
BookPenPals, 2018 - present

Joined author and screen writer Kate Scott in creating BookPenPals, building the website platform allowing children's book authors and illustrators to pair up with schools.

Since launch, more than a hundred PenPals have sent hundreds of personalised postcards with book recommendations to more than six hundred classes of children of all ages, spreading book joy and promoting reading for pleasure.
Promoted at work
Managing a team
Since about September 2020, I've got a few more responsibilities to help develop Crunchyroll faster and more efficiently, along with managing a small UI-focused sub-team of 3 to 4 people inside the main, bigger team.

Besides the usual daily developer activities, new ones include:
  • Reviewing and leaving feedback on new designs before being delivered for development
  • Creating engineering tickets for the latest designs and features
  • Defining Spikes for the team initiatives for new features or improvements of existing one
  • Making sure there's an understanding and efficient communication between the engineering and design team
  • Creating Wiki pages documenting existing features/workflows and new ones

Sep 19, 2021
Made a website
Shipped a side project

Made The Official Bitcoin Purity Test.

Inspired by the Rice Purity Test. Built with HTML.
Made a new YouTube video
Developed a backend system
Wrote a New API
Used Django
Django rest framework
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En este video estaremos instalando, configurando y creando un endpoint de API REST con la librería DJANGO REST FRAMEWORK. Al finalizar el video tendremos un endpoint de nuestro APIREST totalmente funcional de manera muy sencilla haciendo uso de las numerosas facilidades que tiene DJANGO REST FRAMEWORK .  Estaremos creando un proyecto de django en especial una tienda virtual para aprender el uso de esta tan famosa y útil librería del ecosistema de Django.


Andrew Ramirez



Sep 18, 2021
Coded a website
Used Tailwind CSS
Used Github
Used Netlify
Used Adobe Illustrator
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Personal Website!

Super excited to share the creation of my personal site. It was challenging, it was fun, and overall, a great learning experience.
Check it out! I made a doodle on one of the pages