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Developed a backend system
Used NestJS
Wrote Scalable Services
Designed a Backend System
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I'm learning the NestJS framework for a while. I can clearly say that it is by far the most beautiful framework I've ever seen. Scaling my code has never been easier. Moreover, it makes me write better and cleaner code.
Started 3 minutes ago
Redesigning a website
Writing website copy
Designing a brand identity
Developing a Website
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I'm currently working on redesigning my website to showcase my works and feature a blog. Copywriting and designing another's brand and website is far easier than doing my own.

I have a general idea of what I would like to achieve with my newly redesigned site, and I hope to show it soon!
Website Designer and Content Marketing Writer, Freelance
Jan 16, 2022
Developing a Wordpress Theme
Developing a Website
Started about a month ago, developing my own WordPress Theme. It's for a future small business run by my partner <3 It's been a good learning experience so far.
Built a website
Updated my portfolio
I'm finally done with redesigning my website and I'm so thrilled at how it turned out. The things I did were that i
 - gave it a new design,
 - made it multi-page,
 - added theme mode preference,
 - storing my data in a separate file to keep my html pages clean,
 - used Hashnode API to showcase my blog posts,
 - added a filter feature to my projects page so that the user can filter the projects based on the language/framework used,
 - used an external library for the animations (AOS) and
 - uploaded my resume.

My favourite thing about the website is the dark mode icon. The moon is just 😍. I also like the fact that the website can run and update on its own. All I have to do is update my data file, and my JavaScript code does the rest for me.
In future, I would like to add a skeleton loader on my blogs page when I have more notes than I have now.

ps: I designed it myself and coded it using html, CSS and vanilla JavaScript.

Here is the link: https://timonwa.com  
Jan 15, 2022
Built a website
Coded a Next JS Site
Working on my new portfolio, advaith.co is my space on the world wide web.
Built a website
Wrote JavaScript
Worked on a new frontend project
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Bike website.

Built with:

- javascript
- html
- css