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Sep 05, 2021
Ran a 10K
Reached a milestone
I ran my first 10K!

I signed up for the Around the Crown 10K after finishing my first 5K race in 2019. Training to overcome asthma and teaching my body how to run at distance has always been something I never thought possible. 10 kilometers, 6.2 miles, is longer than I've ever run before.

Yet, I did it. It was a reminder that you can do hard things.
Obtained a Life Goal
Achieved a goal
On this date the Madrid government approved our proposal and changed the law to allow minors attend concerts venues, one of my life-goals and struggles as a teenager.

This marked a huge success for the movement that I started and managed with other young people: ¡Queremos Entrar! https://twitter.com/queremosentrar/status/681465952203108352
Co-Founder, ¡Queremos Entrar!
Achieved a goal
55lbs gained over ~21 months! 💪💪
Reached a milestone
Did my 200th workout!
Reached a milestone
did my 100th workout!
Began gym bro journey
First protein shake
First time in the gym with my brothers, felt pretty cool (if a little small)