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Launched a Blog
Launched my blog and digital garden (with more content to come as I write and publish it): https://nybbles.ai.
Jan 15, 2018
Wrote an article
I published In Defense of Utility-First CSS, a blog post about utility-first CSS which highlights its benefits and debunks common misconceptions.

It has since then become a popular reference on the topic and sparked quite some conversation on HackerNews.

Sarah Dayan



Mar 11, 2018
Launched a product
Released open source project
Wrote a Blog Post
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I launched Dinero.js, a library to create, calculate, manipulate, compare and format monetary values in JavaScript.

I also wrote two blog posts about it:
Dinero.js is now one of the leading JavaScript libraries for money, with over 300k/month downloads and over 5k stars on GitHub.
Wrote a Blog Post
Today's post is a question... and the comments are open. https://chriswiegman.com/2021/09/why-are-you-still-in-wordpress/