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Samith Wijesinghe

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Hi, my name is Samith Wijesinghe. I am a Robotics enthusiast that obsessed with developing apps in iOS. Loved creating new things that were fun and meaningful for others. Also, have a keen interest in design principles and design systems both in app development and product development. I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and am finishing off my second one in mechatronics engineering. I have started my career as a researcher specialized in Soft Robotics Application Development and prototyping. I can enter several competitions organized by Harvard and MIT for soft robotics as a team. My hobbies are trading and investing in financial markets. You might find it an odd hobby, but I loved financial markets since I was a teenager. I developed prediction models using machine learning to predict the forex market based on the market news and trends. This started as a pet project, but with time I can publish a paper from this project. Now I am working on a start-up that was co-founded by my two friends and me. It’s based on developing mobile applications and web applications. We are working on several products, and I am responsible for leading the development team. This is a totally new dimension for me, and I am currently learning a ton of new things (daily basis). Next in my learning journey, I love to explore the possibilities of Augmented reality in iOS application development. The area that I firmly believe is where the future is heading. My end goal is to introduce easy-to-use robotic applications for day-to-day life that can control and manage through a mobile device.
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