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Senior Sustainable Web Developer, Leap
May 20, 2022


I upgraded the email sending capabilities of the lowwwcarbon showcase.

After a big spike in traffic a few days ago; receiving so many submissions that the website couldn't handle the number of emails from the submit form, I have had to rebuild the system to be much more robust!
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Designer and developer, Angel Investment Network
Mar 03, 2022
Insights is a new area on  Noba International  dedicated to sharing leadership stories  from the Robotics, Industrial Automation and Off-Highway Equipment sectors.
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Taekwondo Instructor, UWTA Taekwondo Center Lynnwood
Feb 08, 2022
Just shipped a blog feature to my website and released my first article about getting started in open source
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Designer and developer, Angel Investment Network
Dec 16, 2021
Noba International now supports German language!

Made possible by Hugo’s super slick multilingual mode

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Designer and developer, Angel Investment Network
Dec 06, 2021
I’ve added an updates page to my website so I can share short-form posts about what I’m currently working on and how I’m going about it.

My aim is to get out of the habit of endlessly editing and polishing content before I hit publish and into the habit of sharing more often.
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Senior Software Developer, Accessibility Specialist, Oura
Nov 28, 2021
Inspired from the talk "Auditorial: an innovative approach to inclusive story telling" by Robin Spinks and Sonali Rai in Inclusive Design 24 this year, I decided to add audio versions of my blog posts. I keep adding them shortly after publishing a new post, but you can already find couple of the newest posts with audio versions read by me. 

The following posts have audio:
- First Month as an Accessibility Specialist at Oura
- Thoughts From Reading Demystifying Disability by Emily Ladau

The audio can be listened from the blog post page. All the posts can be found from
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