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Maintainer Advocate, Tidelift
Apr 21, 2022
45 days in at Tidelift and I've: 

  • Created a influencer program and gained company-wide approval to lift the voices of influential open source maintainers with paid opportunities
  • Standardized our team's support process and responded to over 100 application requests since
  • Created a Maintainer's Perspective promotional video that was widely viewed during a company All Hands
  • Led a team to create new learning paths for maintainers visiting our website
  • Met with various industry professionals for potential sponsorship opportunities for diverse open source contributors
  • Organized our internal Diversity and Inclusion pod around actionable support and sponsorship in the open source community
And I'm just getting started. Wonder what a year will look like! 
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Junior Designer, Dawson Andrews
Sep 20, 2021
I started my final year of Interaction Design at Ulster University and I started my YouTube channel NameIsJams where I document my uni progress as well as my life as a Luxembourger in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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Jun 16, 2021
Cesare a #jobvideo for Randstad @ Rudolph Logistik Borken
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