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May 23, 2022
Cloud Spend Bot is a Slack-integrated billing manager solution that tracks how much you spend on your connected cloud accounts. You get a full overview of where you spend your money and with automated spike alerting, you can take action to reduce your bill and avoid unexpected charges.

Features include...
🌥 Connect with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP accounts
🤑 Receive a report of how much you're spending across your cloud every day
🚨 Automatic alerts will warn you if there is an unexpected spike in your spending
🚀 Select a Slack channel and time when you want to receive your spend report
👥 Collaborate with your team and set user permissions to keep your data safe
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Senior Software Engineer / Product Designer, ProspectNow
May 15, 2022
Update to Gamer's Hive TV. Now see when streamers go live! It was a pretty big update and learned some new things along the way.  Been learning to work with Twitch's API as well as new JS Tech like Strapi, and React with some TailwindCSS
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Founder, Novelica
May 10, 2021
Introducing Markdown Clips for Nova.

Markdown Clips is a collection of Basic and Extended Markdown syntax snippets, for use in Panic Inc's Nova.

You can download it from within Nova's Extension Library, or from its GitHub repository.
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Jul 15, 2021
Launched in beta.
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Software Engineer, HiPeople
Feb 16, 2020

By definition, "the difference in potential between two points that represents the work involved in the transfer of a unit of electricity" ⚡, and by name, inspiring the brand of an idea for my next side project 🦋

I believe every woman has the potential to be incredible! 💪  Our products are designed to remind you of your true potential, whilst also supporting female education through the Malala Fund - from creating safe spaces for girls in Northern Nigeria, to training young Pakistani women as activists, and even providing STEM education to Syrian refugees.

🛒  Shop clothing 👕  notebooks 📒  stickers 🌸  water bottles💧 mugs ☕  and more 🛍️
>> <<

empowering apparel 🌿 | 100% of profits to supporting girls' education through The Malala Fund charity | what's your potential?💡

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Front end Engineer, Toddle
May 01, 2022
A new way to construct/debug Arrays 

Launching ‘Array Builder’ - A free tool to visualize the output of array operations 

Provide an array, write code inside map/reduce/filter blocks & see the results live in the adjacent column. It simplifies writing blocks of code & debugging chained operations 

It was a small interesting weekend project & I am launching it today. 

Check it out on Product Hunt -

Try it here - 

Hope it brings some value 

Thanks 😇 

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