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Owner, Fuse Radio
Started about 2 months ago
I am currently working with the team over at Phlokk to beta test their new social media app.

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Software Developer, 100Devs
Feb 14, 2022
Over the weekend, I attended my very first hackathon at TechTogether Miami. These workshops were great and packed with knowledge and tips! I really enjoyed it so much!
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Head Of Growth, Fundstory
Jan 27, 2022
Passed 860 Twitter followers.

Some call it a vanity metric, but I've made great connections and helped people learn about (and soon access) non-dilutive funding options.

You can follow along too!

If you want to learn about non-dilutive funding options visit (remember to join the waitlist😊)
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Aug 16, 2019
Trezo tech talk about volunteer :D
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Dec 03, 2019
At our 9th and last meetup "Mulheres de Produto" (womans in tech and product) of the year at Movidesk, where we talked about "Product Internationalization" with Cristiane de Abreu and also a retrospective of the year here in Blumenau, with the organizers of the meetup.

Software internationalization projects have grown a lot and are gaining space in meetings and events across the country, but large companies like Google and Samsung have been adapting their systems internationally for years. Software internationalization involves many steps and also many people. Thus, understanding who the people involved are, how this process affects our work, and what my role is in this process opens doors for the professional growth of each one of us. So let's talk about our roles and share experiences.
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Oct 29, 2019
7th meetup of the community "Mulheres de produto" with the theme "Decisional fatigue and the world of digital products", with designer Débora Martins, located at AmbevTech (HBSIS).

Have you ever spent a long time trying to choose which series to watch or which dish to order at delivery, and in the end, chose the same thing as always?

This is «Decision Fatigue» she explained a little more to us on how it works, and how it impacts our lives as users, tech, ux and business. The lecture is based on two articles that Débora wrote and were published in UX Collective.
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