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Created by Dylan Warmack, US Marketing Director at Woolrich
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Designed Immersive Art Exhibit
Designed an immersive music tour at Golden Gate Park. This was only attended by me to experience it before pursuing it further. The activities I did were:
  • Listen to Beethoven piano compositions in front of his statue
  • Listened to the To Be Or Not To Be soliloquy inside of the Shakespeare Garden
  • Listened to tenor opera in the middle of the redwood trees since it makes me feel like the trees are singing to me
  • Read "Song of the traveler at evening" poem by Goethe in front of his statue
  • Read excerpts from Don Quixote by the Miguel de Cervantes statue
What I envision is having recordings of poems, songs, interviews, excerpts from speeches playing in all the different statues throughout the park and in different areas like the trees, the tulip and rose gardens, etc. The visitor could then explore the park and immerse themselves to different tunes, learn more about the individuals in the statues.