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Oct 04, 2021
Updated my resume
Here is my current resume: https://jimkang.com/resume/ I'm available for freelance web jobs!
Sep 29, 2021
Wrote a Case Study
service design
Civic design
Updated my resume
Gave resume feedback
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I'm still tweaking this as I get feedback, but at least it's online. 

A case study for work in municipal government. 

On feedback, I found it helpful to book a 15 minute time slot with someone in design field who:
  • Interviewed recently
  • Hired folks recently
  • Or spruced up their portfolio because they're interested in looking. 
Once on zoom, I send them the link to read and let them read and reflect out loud. This helps me note which areas peak curiosity, and which areas are weak and require clarification. 
Updated my resume
Published my resume to GitLab Pages using LaTeX & GitLab CI.
Updated my resume
Designed Social Media Assets
Designed on Figma
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My professional presence was not the most pleasing to the eye, and since I got to send some resumes, I decided to create it all anew!

I've used Figma (as always) to design it
Updated my resume
Just updated my resume! It’s never fun 😭 what is relevant what is not!! Anyway I will look at it again later and change it all, again no doubt, haha.
Aug 28, 2021
Updated my resume
Semi-significant updates to format and content based on a webinar done by Levels.fyi