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Upsold a Customer Account
Designed website
Wrote marketing copy
Early adopter
Refined a Product Roadmap
Designed User Experience Assets
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Automatio Weekly Progress Update #13
Good day good people. Here is last week progress update on
- 💰 Acquired 1 paid user for $99/m package - 💰 Sold 1 yearly package worth $2,000/year - 🤑 Had a talk with a potential investor - 👨‍🏫 Had 1 session with Automatio students - 🎥 Started working on a video explainer with motion designer guy - 📝 Finished new blog post
Crafted new feature
Evangelized a New Feature
Got the Polywork icon added to Carrd website builder ✅

Mar 17, 2020
Launched a product
Managed a team
Change Management
Documented Product Requirements
Organized a Workshop
Evangelized a New Feature
Standardized Company Communication
Delivered a presentation
+ 6
Go Live of new company-wide business network and intranet based on Microsoft Office 365.
Program Lead Digitalisation, MVV Energie AG
Conducted a User Training Session
Host of 2-day seminar on executive liability in Zwickau
Upsold a Customer Account

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

- ✅ Implemented onboarding process completely
- ✅ Work on challenges
- 💰 Sold few more monthly packages worth $99/m
- 💰 Sold yearly $2,000k/year package
- 🔨 Documentation
- ❌ Blog post
- ❌ Video
- ❌ Newsletter

Update for
Visionary, Automatio
Received a Customer Reference
It is not that I actually got a reference, but I sent an email to all my customers regarding the zero day exploit from Microsoft:

I told them all to be aware and gave them handy advice without much text.

One of them, let's call him Mr. R. responded immediately, obviously in German so I will translate it:

"Thank you very much, that is important to us, please keep the good work!"

Hamza helped me actually since he pointed to this vulnerability
Senior Security Consultant, Konica Minolta