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Senior Content Design Manager, Adobe
Jul 28, 2021
I have an opening on my team. This is for the first-ever content designer working on Acrobat. That's right — digital document management!

You may scoff at old PDF software, but the challenge this person and the rest of the Acrobat team is facing is really interesting — how do we take something as old and ubiquitous as PDFs (which Adobe invented) and make them more accessible? How do we give people the same experience on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone? How might it work on the web?

The Acrobat design team are kind and passionate and they're *very* ready for their own content designer. And this person will embed on my team so you'll get to work with me and almost a dozen really smart content designers.

More than 300 billion PDFs were opened in Adobe products last year. More than 8 billion e-signatures were processed through Adobe Sign and Acrobat. This opportunity is primed and ready to make a big impact.

Here's the JD: 
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