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Added LinkedIn to the job board list

This might have been the hardest job board to add to the mix but there you go - we now list jobs from LinkedIn too! For now we have only limited it to US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Netherlands, but expect more countries to join the mix soon!
https://www.remotefrontendjobs.com and https://www.remotebackendjobs.com
Started 27 days ago
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Dark Mode for the Palette App is coming out nicely!!

Have you tried out my app yet! Do check it out!!!!


Aug 19, 2021
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Dark mode is truly the best mode, and I'm stoked to get to test it out on my Polywork profile. This is so much easier on my eyes!

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Build a Dark Mode Website
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Added Light/Dark Mode to Personal Website

Added Light and Dark Mode themes automatically detected by the user's browser settings to my personal website

Released Dark Mode
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Build a Dark Mode Website
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There's absolutely no need for this.
No one asked for it.
No one probably cares.

I built it anyways.

My website now has darkmode.

Or as I like to call it dork mode.